Simulated Working Environment

What is a Simulated Work Environment?

Our Simulated Work Environment (SWE) is a full scale simulation production area, providing an excellent learning atmosphere for any business or interactive teambuilding day. Currently one of only three of its kind in the UK, our one day SWE course will help with:

  • Team building
  • Effective communication
  • Cross functional collaboration
  • Productive planning
  • Leading effective teams
  • Continuous improvement initiatives, including 5S to improve profitability, efficiency and service and safety
  • One-piece flow production systems
  • Identify and reduce waste
  • Value stream mapping
  • Root cause analysis
  • Supply chain effectiveness
  • Reduce process variability
  • Develop people and teams
  • Active listening and idea generation
  • Identifying and setting performance targets
  • Acting decisively

Course overview

This hands on one-day course is an excellent interactive learning experience. Learn how, through standard work, communication and collaboration, a team can become significantly more productive and cost effective, whilst improving quality and identifying and reducing safety issues.

Delegates will use the lean tools and techniques in scenarios set in a production environment which can then be applied with a diverse range of industries and organisations.  


At the end of the course all of the lean principles and practices learnt during this hands on, interactive, one-day learning experience, can immediately be transferred to all work environments and include;

  • Leading effective teams
  • Visual management
  • Flow process analysis
  • Model change scenario
  • Improvement validation

Course completion

On completion delegates will be competent in the basic tools and techniques of Lean organisation. They will have confidence in their ability to identify potential improvements in their own working environments, and understand the importance of their views and opinions to the effectiveness of their business or organisation.

This course is also a great introduction to qualifications such as Business Improvement Techniques and Improving Operational Performance.

“Another excellent day at the Peterlee SWE. This is by far the best training facility I have ever seen. The value of the hands on training was very high for all the trainees from the Vice Presidents to the trainee lean practitioners.

We now have plans to send all our front line leaders through as standard at one of our sites, some of our European sites are also looking to send people to the UK to attend this excellent training. Thanks for a great day again!”

Andrew Cottrell
Global site Improvement Programme Leader
Huntsman Pigments

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Learning Centre of Light, TTE Peterlee

Who is it for

The principles and practices learned during the hands on training sessions can be transferred to all work environments and team members - from the workshop to the office to the board room! Every employee in every organisation will benefit from the learnings facilitated by the SWE, regardless of position or seniority.


While based on Lean Principles, it is not necessary to have completed any prior training in Lean to benefit from the full range of learning outcomes generated by the Simulated Working Environment.


Price available on request.

Dates available on application.