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Apprenticeship assessment

The success of our programmes and the achievement of your business goals is our priority so the Competence Assessment of apprentices is a transparent collaborative process between the you as the sponsoring company, the trainee and ourselves. The assessment process is overseen by a team with specific industrial experience within the discipline of your specific trainees.

Trainees are managed as individuals, each candidate being allocated an Assessor who monitors their progress throughout their development journey, through to the successful completion of their NVQ competence qualification. And this whole process is monitored by our Internal Quality Assurer to ensure that standards remain consistently high. Our Assessors work alongside sponsoring companies to ensure that training is relevant to their business; visiting in accordance with shift patterns and workloads to accommodate both you and the trainee.

All progress and evidence is monitored and capturing using an electronic portfolio system, which you will be able to access at any stage to get real-time information about progress and allowing you to interact with, and assist in the management of, the process.