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92.5% of TTE Apprentices complete training framework

Posted 9th February 2015 By Ben

The TTE Technical Training Group is celebrating the achievements of its apprentices after over 90% successfully completed their apprenticeship framework in 2014, far surpassing the national average.

Teesside-based TTE, which is one of the UK’s largest apprenticeship training organisations for the engineering, manufacturing, oil & gas and process sectors, guided 92.5% of its apprentices through to completion compared to the national average of 68.9%.

Ofsted’s most recent learner and employer survey further supported these impressive figures by revealing that 96% of trainees would recommend TTE to a friend and with 98% saying that their training accurately met their training needs, TTE has confirmed its continued commitment to the provision of high quality training.

The survey also revealed that 100% of employers believe that TTE effectively delivers support, feedback and employability skills to their employees and would encourage other businesses to utilise its services.

TTE provides school leavers with practical training, technical skills, the ability to learn and earn and the opportunity to enjoy a career in industry through its employer-sponsored Apprenticeships programmes and Study Programmes.

TTE has strong links with over 100 local employers in industry, which sponsor the organisation’s apprentices. These companies are keen to support students throughout their training and young people expecting to achieve English, Maths and Science GCSEs at grades A to C are invited to apply for an employer-sponsored apprenticeship.

Sponsored apprentices spend two years working towards respected vocational and technical qualifications at TTE’s training centre in South Bank, spending a large proportion of their time in its uniquely equipped workshops.

There is then the potential for a further two years spent working at sponsoring companies’ premises, as Apprentices, to earn additional vocational qualifications and, most importantly, gain hands-on experience working in an industry environment as part of a skilled workforce.

Steve Grant, Managing Director at TTE, said: ‘The huge difference between our success rate and the national average is something both the trainees and trainers can take great pride from. Combine this with the results of our learner and employer survey and it is clear that we’ve managed to create a quality training programme that utilises our links in industry to give both students and employers the skills they require.’