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Breaking down barriers

Posted By Elaine Galloway


Twenty years ago, Sara Marshall’s career at TTE began as a Process Engineering Assessor. Sara moved through the company in a variety of roles including managing the process operations delivery and business development team, and latterly managing apprenticeship and study programme delivery.

Growing up in Scarborough, Sara’s interest in Engineering was sparked following a school visit to Wilton site, she then studied Chemical Engineering at University and spent a couple of years in Industry before beginning her career with TTE. Eight years ago, Sara was appointed as the Operations Director, and is now responsible for managing the international arm of TTE.

Sara said: “TTE is a fantastic company to work for. Our growth internationally has come from our ability to deliver bespoke training programmes which has led to repeat business. We’ve worked with some clients for over 15 years, mainly in the oil & gas sector. I’ve had a fantastic experience with TTE International over the years visiting Ghana, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Equatorial Guinea, Azerbaijan, Georgia Oman, Senegal, Russia amongst others to support TTE projects and meet with customers.

“Approximately 50% of the training we offer is delivered overseas and 50% at our Southbank industry training centre in Middlesbrough.

“I was first introduced to international training at TTE whilst working with Libyan students who came over to Middlesbrough for a one year training programme. We were responsible for 400 students and their families, so it was a huge operation!

“We now have clients from all over the world including Nigeria, Oman, Ghana and Saudi Arabia.

“I would describe TTE as a one stop shop for international customers – we provide fully furnished accommodation, daily transport, a winter clothing allowance, two meals a day on-site and a 24hr welfare team, who are on hand to provide support. It’s brilliant!

“I am very excited by the partnership with Middlesbrough College, as this is a huge opportunity for TTE to grow and to continue to deliver outstanding training internationally.

“We currently only offer Engineering and Process courses to international clients, but now thanks to our new partnership with Middlesbrough College, we can now offer a much wider scope including management training. International students can also now access the College’s wide range of community facilities on an evening.

“This opens up a whole new world of opportunities to develop existing client’s needs and build new customers.”

Having worked in the engineering sector for over 20 years, Sara has seen a huge shift in attitudes towards women working in industry.

“I feel like barriers have been removed for females looking to start a career in this rewarding sector. There are now a lot more opportunities for young people and women especially. I truly believe that a candidate’s success is now based on their ability and not their gender.

“The Engineering industry has evolved and the scope of careers available has changed especially in the digital, manufacturing and clean energy sectors. It’s also been great to see females coming from oversees from countries such as Ghana and Iraq to study.

“My advice to any young woman would be to consider a career in Engineering as there’s a whole industry of opportunities out there.”