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Why work in the Oil and Gas industry? One in three firms are looking to increase their workforce by 10% or more in 2019.

Posted 29th April 2019 By Elaine Galloway


Recent statistics from experts in the Oil and Gas industry have warned that there is likely to be a skills shortage in the future. As recruitment continues to grow, especially in the Scottish Oil and Gas sectors, this is going to be a major problem for employers.

A recent Oil and Gas Survey* has revealed that one in three firms are looking to increase their workforce by 10% or more in 2019. Just one in three Oil and Gas companies are expected to find suitable employees due to skills shortages. This alarming figure is also down to the lack of professional training as well as:-

  • Lack of suitable technical staff
  • Those without proper IT experience
  • Untrained software engineers
  • Candidates with the right type of skills and mindsets

Many major UK Oil and Gas firms are beginning to ask where the next generation is going to come from. Do they have the right set of skills to work within the industry and help it to grow?

Why work in the Oil and Gas industry?

The UK’s Oil and Gas industry provides three quarters of the country’s primary, energy sources. This is expected to double in production in 2030 so can mean one thing, more jobs. There are many reasons why you should consider working in the Oil and Gas industry, here are just a few:-

  • Great pay – one thing’s for sure, you’ll be well paid. If you want to earn much more than the average salary, this is the right industry for you. Professionals receive the highest starting salaries of any sector which continues to stay lucrative as their career progresses. In addition to being well paid, added extras include bonus incentive schemes, health care and substantial work pensions.
  • Flexible working arrangements – many employers in the Oil and Gas industry are open to flexible hours. Onshore and offshore employment is usually flexible with plenty of time off for leisure.
  • Different work locations – with more than half a million people currently employed in the Oil and Gas industry, expect to work at different locations. Global demand is increasing rapidly so you could be working in the UK or overseas.

Supplies of Oil and Gas aren’t running out any time soon. More people with specific skills will be needed to work in the sector for many years to come. Technological advances in the industry means that specially trained technicians are required for different jobs.

TTE’s expertise

With the right training from TTE, there could be an exciting career in the Oil and Gas industry waiting for you. We are the UK’s leading provider of technical training for the oil and gas industry. Through our commitment to training excellence, our experts focus on understanding exactly what employers need.

Training is delivered at our world-class facilities in the UK or on request, at the client’s premises anywhere in the world. Training programmes range from foundation to advanced level which includes:-

  • Delivery of practical skills training
  • Formal technical qualifications
  • Maintenance and management
  • Apprenticeships

We are proud to offer Oil and Gas global training solutions so you can find the right candidate suitable for your company.


*Source: BBC News: