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Application Form 2020/21 Study Programmes

1. Study Programmes

If you are interested in any other study programme (s) and wish to be interviewed for them please list them here:

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2. Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are different to our Study Programmes in that you need find a suitable vacancy in order to apply. You also need to be over 16 and have left school.

Please state the apprenticeship you are interested in below, so our team can contact you once you’re ready to apply:


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3. Personal Details


Emergency Contacts

Learners under the age of 19 on the 31st of August this year. It must be your legal guardian(s).

Primary Contact:


Additional Contact:


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4. Support Needs

We aim to provide the appropriate resources, facilities and services to enable students to be successful in their chosen programme of study. This information will help us to provide the support you require.


If Yes, please indicate in the table below so we can offer support as early as possible. Please tick all that apply.

04 Visual impairment
05 Hearing impairment
06 Disability affecting mobility
07 Profound complex disabilities
08 Social and Emotional difficulties
09 Mental health difficulty
10 Moderate learning difficulty
11 Severe learning difficulty
12 Dyslexia
13 Dyscalculia
14 Autism spectrum disorder
15 Asperger’s syndrome
16 Temporary disability after illness (I.e. post viral) or accident
17 Speech, language and communications needs
93 Other physical disability
94 Other specific learning difficulty (I.e. Dyspraxia)
95 Other medical condition (I.e. epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, anaphylaxis)
96 Other learning disability
97 Other disability
98 Prefer not to say
99 Not provided




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5. Convictions




TTE Technical has a legal and moral duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children, young people and vulnerable adults.  Therefore, you are required to disclose information relating to any criminal convictions as part of your enrolment at TTE Technical. Having a criminal record will not necessarily prevent you from studying at TTE Technical but will depend on the nature of the course and the circumstances and background of the offence.

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6. Your Information

Your Information

Data Protection Act
What data do we collect? - We collect information about you when you apply to TTE Technical and this enables us to set targets and understand your needs and preferences. Data includes performance data about you from your previous school or college along with information on your ability, progress and aspirations. We also collect pastoral data including; where you live, any learning support needs you may have and any health concerns - all which help us to support you during your time with us.

TTE Technical is monitored with closed circuit television cameras and images are stored for approximately 4 weeks and are then deleted (unless we need to keep them for any ongoing investigations).

How we do use the information we have about you? - Data such as GCSE results, maths and English results, and grade breakdowns are used to support you during your studies with us. We hold exam board data in line with The Joint Council for Qualifications requirements. We may use your email address, phone number and postal address to contact you.

Sharing data - We will never share your data with commercial organisations and will only ever share your information with other educational and public sector organisations where there is a need to support you or promote your best interests, in line with safeguarding legislation. We may also send you information about future courses and services that are relevant to your application.

Access to your information - You are able to access any information that we hold about you. If you would like a copy of any information please let us know and we will send you a subject access form to complete.

Privacy statement - For details on our privacy statement and how to unsubscribe from future communications please visit

By checking this box you’re agreeing to receive email marketing communications from TTE. You can easily opt out or update your marketing preferences at any time by emailing or by contacting us.


The information you provide by completing and returning this training application will be added to a TTE database and user for training and welfare purposes only. These purposes may include but are not limited to the details which are outlined in our learner applicant privacy notice which are online with TTE’s GDPR responsibilities. For further information, advice and guidance please contact TTE on (01642) 462266 or email TTE is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to safeguarding.

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